Whole Body Strengthening

Feel The Burn From Head To Toe

Here are some exercises that will transform and engage your entire body!

● Bicep Curls

● Bent-Over Row

● Chest Fly

● Resistance Band “Good Morning”

● Chest Press

● Glute Kick-Back

● Glute Bridge

● Lat Pulldown

● Lateral Lunge

● Lateral Walk

Remember that most if not all of these resistance training exercises can be done with or without your fabric resistance bands. The resistance bands are simply a tool that helps you increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your workout. You will be able to see greater results and push your body a little harder without needing to rely on bulky, expensive, and hard to access equipment. If you would like to get your bands today, then take a look at our shop.

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We also recommend that you take a look at your workout conditions. A sturdy, reliable exercise mat is a fantastic foundation for fitness routines! More than that, we recommend having access to water and a clean hand or sweat towel.

Follow along with us as we create more workout routines that are tailor-made to make you look and feel good. For bonus points, take a look at our activewear to give yourself the confidence boost that comes with high-quality gear and gorgeous designs. You can sign up to the Peach Home Fitness family today below.

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