Unconventional Home Workouts

Let’s be honest with ourselves for a minute, homo-sapiens as a generation are becoming lazier and lazier as the year's progress. We are increasingly becoming more dependent on an indoor lifestyle than an active one. In this take-away-generation, the more convenient the better right? But how do we, as self-imposed social recluses, look good feel good but not leave the house?

All these home workout videos on social media boast all these super ripped studs and lady studs flaunting their already incredible bodies, trying to motivate you with their continuously annoying “come on, you can do this!” No Arnie, no I cannot. These super perfect demi-gods leaving you feeling ashamed as their 5-minute workout leave them with sweat glistening down their bodies in a bronzed glaze. And us normal folk? Leaves us panting and wheezing like a polar bear in the Sahara. Pretty demotivating right?

Having people shout encouraging phrases at me is not always ideal. Of late I have found exercising through home chores such as heavy lifting through gardening, cleaning and heavy lifting my pets (Hello perfect glutes). This way of home workout, albeit unconventional has additional benefits, a clean home as well as a toned body.

If we break it down, any form of movement requires work, work is measured in joules, the more work needed to move the opposing force the more joules that are needed, the more joules needed, the more calories are burnt. So, lets go into ways we can burn those calories.

What Is Your Excuse?

The biggest excuse for not home exercising as a whole is people saying they do not have access to or cannot afford gym equipment – ultimately all gym equipment does, is uses gravity through mass to create more resistance to your muscles allowing them to work harder. In other words, pick up something heavy to make those muscles burn!

The key to home workouts is to not see it as a chore but see your chores as home workouts! Below we have broken down and explained how these chores are able to ultimately help you achieve the body you have always wanted… and not even need to leave the house.

# 1 Arms And Shoulders: Vacuum And Mop Bucket Bicep Curls

Got a vacuum or a mop? Sure you do, these essential items are used to essentially create the toned arms we all deserve (Hello little strapless dress without a cardigan).

This is an easy one, while vacuuming with one hand, carry the vacuum in the other all the while lifting the vacuum up and down, essentially doing bicep curls.

Repeat these twenty times on each arm until the house is done. This too can be done with the mop and a bucket full of water clean one area of your home, once completed do twenty dumbbell side raises on each arm (We know feel the burn). With the inconsistency and movement of the water in the bucket it will activate the micro muscles in your hands and forearms as you try to counteract the spilling.

#2 Bum: Kid Squats

Another easy one, which allows some fun bonding time with you and mini you (or furry you) as well as getting fit.

Put the minion on your shoulders and do some squats, alternating their weight distribution ratio, from right to left, and back again.

These movements will help build micro muscles as the weight is not in a solid-state. The more your minion moves and your attempt to balance said movement out the harder your core muscles will be working to re-stabilise to ensure they do not fall, talk about motivation...

# 3 Legs: Carry Wet Washing To The Line Lunges

Washing clothes is never-ending, however we can take advantage of this chore.

Why do an ordinary walk to the line when you could do a lunge?

Grab the basket up to your chest, hold with both arms and do lunges to the washing line and back before you know it, those 5 loads of washing will be 5 sets of lunges.

#4 Belly: Eat A Salad, Drink Water And Do Some Planks

Guide to a well-toned belly is diet and core muscles!

Your body knows what is needed and learning to use your most important muscle (your brain) will ultimately lead you to success. You need to filter that which is appropriate. Water is always important, so drink it! It truly is the best hydrant - I can often finish a full bottle in seconds after an intense workout.

Want to relax and watch some desperate housewives, do it! But this time, instead of looking like Jabba the hut on the couch, pull out a yoga mat and do some planks (everyone can afford a yoga mat) #noexcuse. Start off a minute at a time, before you know it, the drama will engross your mind and numb the pain, you will plank for 45-mins without knowing it. No please don’t try the whole 45 minutes but one minute every five minutes accumulates pretty quickly and soon you will have a tight stomach like Eva Longoria.

Calves: Washing Dishes Calf Raises

Personally, I didn’t realise so much crockery existed in my house until we were told to social distance. Instead of seeing washing dishes as a negative why not use those 30 minutes to perform a 30 minute calf raise session while listening to the eye of the tiger, on full blast obviously.

Whilst not the most conventional method of home workouts, we have decided that you are not conventional, otherwise you would have headed over to Pinterest for fitspo. So be you, be original and remember to always treat your body with the utmost respect.

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